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About Lona Lee

Like many of us who have fallen in love with letterforms, I attribute my interests to my childhood years. I carried pencil cases full of gel pens, notebooks filled with meticulous color-coordinated notes, and let's say, a friendly dose of childhood OCD. I was keen on handwriting - trying to copy friends' styles, and often signed my school notices on my mom's behalf. At some point, she couldn't distinguish if it was her or I who had signed. I remember that like my little badge of honor. 

Starting in my mid-twenties, I worked as a tax professional for about ten years. During the Covid pandemic of 2020, I took advantage of not having to commute into the office every day and picked up calligraphy earnestly after having been introduced to it by a former colleague. Calligraphy provided me an escape, a form of meditation, and conjured up all forms of nostalgia. After joining scores of workshops with respected calligraphers and artists, long nights of practice and pondering, I decided to follow my heart, leave my corporate job, and feed this starved creative child living inside of me. I continue to study and attend as many calligraphy and lettering workshops as I can. There is no end to learning. A lot of my inspiration comes from my teachers and favorite artists from formal to street including Ken Barber, Thomas Hoyer, Viktor Kams, the late Ed Benguiat, Jung Sook Hyun, Sue Greenseth, Carol DuBosch, Eleanor Winters, and Nina Tran. I am intrigued by the dualities around me - east/west, concrete jungles/tree-filled forests, formal/casual, traditional/modern, and I try to impart them in my work. 

Aside from calligraphy, I enjoy watercolor, yoga, the outdoors, and travelling. I grew up in New York but opted for the perpetual sunshine of California on and off since 2002. I now live in the South Bay area of Los Angeles with my husband and our fuzzy cat, Goni, the unofficial mascot of this website.

To inquire about original artwork, project ideas, or any other questions, please email me at hello@lonalee.com

To see my latest practice sheets, check out @lona.letters on Instagram. 

Based in Los Angeles, California

Photo Credit: Carissa Woo Photography