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About Lona Lee

Like many of us who have fallen in love with letterforms, I attribute my interests to my childhood years. I loved copying everyone's handwriting and signatures (especially my mom's); my pencil cases were stacked with gel pens; and my notes from school were always re-written at home with “perfect” handwriting. In many ways, these things helped me battle what I now know as childhood OCD.

​In my mid-twenties, with the notion that I may never make enough money with a liberal arts degree, I rolled the dice and got a Master's in Business Taxation. I worked as a tax professional for about ten years and after having reached my career goal, I found myself still carrying an incessant void. I was first introduced to calligraphy by a colleague but during the pandemic in 2020, I took advantage of not having to commute into the office every day and picked up my hobby earnestly.  

Calligraphy provided me an escape, a form of meditation, and conjures up all forms of nostalgia. After joining scores of workshops with respected calligraphers and artists, long nights of practice and pondering, I decided to follow my heart, leave my corporate job, and feed this starved creative child living inside of me. A dream come true in my humblest opinion. I continue to study and attend as many calligraphy and lettering workshops as I can. A lot of my inspiration comes from my teachers and favorite artists from formal to street including Sue Greenseth, Carol DuBosch, Massimo Polello, Yukimi Annand, Rick Paulus, Viktor Kams, ​Jurgen Vercaemst, Eleanor Winters, Nina Tran, Ken Barber, the late Ed Benguiat, David Choe, Jung Sook Hyun, and many more.

​Aside from calligraphy, I enjoy watercolor, yoga, the outdoors, and travelling. I grew up in New York but opted for the perpetual sunshine of California on and off since 2002. I now live in the South Bay area of Los Angeles with my husband and our fuzzy cat, Goni, the unofficial mascot of this website.

​To inquire about original artwork, project ideas, or any other questions, please email me at ​

To see my latest practice sheets, check out @lona.letters on Instagram. 

​Based in Los Angeles, California

​Photo Credit: Carissa Woo Photography

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